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Sell Your App
Before You Build It

We will buy your Xamarin Forms apps. Interested?

YOU could have written THAT successful iOS or Android app - right?!?

We’ve all looked at an app and said “that doesn’t look hard.” Now you can prove it. We are a US company looking to buy your mobile app for our portfolio.

Find a successful iOS or Android app and we’ll buy your Xamarin Forms version.

It’s a game...

Here are the rules...

  • Type of App

    • Modeled on a highly-rated or top-selling iOS or Android app selling for more than $5.
    • Content must be respectable (we decide) but basically: no swearing, pornography, drugs, or criminal activity.
    • Original app functionality must use significant amounts of text in the UI; not just pictures.
  • How you play

    • Pick the app you are reproducing and use the textbox at top right to send us your email address.
    • We talk it over and figure out a deal.

That is it.

What do you want to build?

Please email us at to let us know of features you would like to have added or bugs needing fixing.

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