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About App Publisher for Microsoft Store (APfMS)

Make publishing your Microsoft Store app as easy as compiling.

App Publisher for Microsoft Store brings continuous integration to your app.

  • Set correct prices - Microsoft often takes six months or more to update prices.
  • Update multiple languages in the time it takes to update one language.
  • Catch many errors *before* you submit to the store.
  • Update submissions are much faster than through the Store Web Portal.

It is clear that the Microsoft Store is becoming a central part of Microsoft's vision of how quality software gets delivered. It is on every Desktop and users search it for solutions every day. Microsoft is pushing hard to make their store accept every variety of app and to have the store on every platform.

The Microsoft Store is growing. You want to be, you need to be, on the Microsoft Store.

Pricing your app in the Microsoft Store can go two ways. You either pick a price and accept the Microsoft exchange rate, which definitely lags the market by months. Or you assign prices for some or all of the 242 markets available.

App Publisher for Microsoft Store makes available two better ways to price your product: current market and purchasing power parity. If you prefer, update your prices to market rates every month. Or you can use Purchasing Power Parity and price your app so its customers "feel" the price as the same relative to the cost of other products in their local currency.

The Store top-ranks apps by language. If your app supports an unusual language, and non-English is still unusual, then you have fewer competitors for top-rank. But there over 100 automated translations available. Update your text and *every* language has be manually updated in the Store ingestion web portal.

App Publisher for Microsoft Store automatically reads your translated texts, presents them for review, and submits them for you

The Store web ingestion portal reports all errors after submission, which can take hours or, for big changes, days. Either you are supremely careful filling out the portal form, which takes time. Or you rush and make a simple mistake which costs you time to fix and can resubmit.

App Publisher for Microsoft Store catches many errors *before* you submit saving you time and worry.

Generally the first submission of an app takes a while, even several days for the Store personnel to test. Subsequent submissions are generally considerably faster.

But second and later submissions with App Publisher for Microsoft Store, in our experience, take minutes and always happen in the same day.

How to use App Publisher for Microsoft Store (APfMS)

We have a sample app called 'Open Password Generator' available on github which you can use to test/experiment publishing sample app on microsoft store with this product (APfMS).


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Please email us at to let us know of features you would like to have added or bugs needing fixing.

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