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About Export Your Google Calendar...

Google took away your rights to store your friends’, family’s, or colleagues’ shared calendars. Now you either cut-and-paste or wait for someone else to send you a copy to archive. It is such a pain you don’t bother and Google owns the data until it changes out from under you. Export Your Google Calendar removes the hassle so you can save all the calendars - fast.


Export Your Google Calendar makes the calendar everyone understands reliable and usable again saving you hundreds of dollars of wasted time manually collecting calendars.

Everyone has a google account so their tools are universal. The most popular calendar is Google Calendar and it looks to remain dominant. And yet Google has their own ideas of how to use their tools which they enforce by moving and re-moving features. But you may have legal requirements or at don’t want to relearn the interface and get work done. A full calendar archive is essential - no incomplete records!

We know how hard record-keeping can be - we’ve done it ourselves - it is essential - and a burden. We have eliminated the worry and bother. Export Your Google Calendar puts you in control of the data you need.


  • Save ALL the calendars now.
  • Reduce your compliance burden.
  • Stop worrying about Google’s changing interface.
  • Archive more frequently.
  • CSV calendar data to use your way.

Get Google out of your way - and get on with your life.


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