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Quickly CONVERT your ICS/ICAL Files to CSV

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About ICAL to CSV Converter...

You use Excel or other CSV-compatible software to keep your hours. Or maybe you prefer to archive your calendar in a universal format; comma-separated files are the obvious choice. ICAL to CSV Converter integrates into your workflow to make your ICS files usable.

ICAL to CSV Converter makes your ICS/ICAL files human-readable and usable by a wide range of applications and tools.

Apple, Google, Outlook, Office 360, etc. all produce ICS files. If you archive your calendar data it will be more reliably recoverable if stored in the ancient, consistent, and universal CSV format. ICS files delimit with TABs which can be mishandled by editors. CSV files are not vulnerable to any of these problems if you want to view your data in whatever tool you use in the future.


  • Reliable CSV data format
  • Stable archival
  • Easier manipulation
  • Improved compatibility
  • Human readable

Make your life easier - keep your calendar files simple.


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