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Translate your apps in seconds.

About One-Click Translator...

Your app is good, it's ready, even available for sale. Now make it stand out in the store. Multi-lingual applications are are still rare and users prefer native-languages applications. Don't leave most of the world market to your competition. With one-click you can quadruple your reach to over 5 billion non-English speakers - instantly.

One-Click Translator makes multi-lingual applications a snap. Just pick up your app and drop it on the One-Click Translator desktop icon and you are done.

Multi-lingual is good - Massively multi-lingual is better. One-Click Translator will instantly machine translate your app. The result is a viable, minimum translation that gets your app seen by potentially billions more cusotmers. Gather feedback from yours users and they will help fix what the first-cut translation didn't catch. Meanwhile your app is seen, used and improved sooner in a world-wide market.

As a developer you know the perfect is the enemy of the good-enough-for-market. The current translation solutions are complicated enough that not all your developers will use them consistently and correctly.


  • Massively expand your reach
  • Make translations simple and fast
  • Update more frequently
  • Compatible with standard translation-support tools
  • No training - it just works - every time.

Now you'll get feedback in 39 languages - that is a problem you can bank on!

Please email us at to let us know of features you would like to have added or bugs needing fixing.

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